Russell Tsuchida

PhD Student (Machine Learning)
School of ITEE
University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia


  • Current:

    - PhD student in the School of ITEE at the University of Queensland advised by Assoc. Prof. Marcus Gallagher and Fred Roosta.

  • News

  • May, 2018:

    Our workshop "Rotationally Invariant Weights, the Central Limit Theorem, and Geometry of Activations in MLPs" has been accepted by GiMLi 2018!, and I have been awarded a travel award for ICML 2018!

  • May, 2018:

    Our paper "Invariance of Weight Distributions in Rectified MLPs" has been accepted into ICML 2018!

  • Nov, 2017:

    Posted a paper on the arXiv discussing invariance of neural networks with respect to weight distributions, including how the Central Limit Theorem applies to the equivalent kernel of neural networks.

  • Publications

  • 2018:

    Tsuchida, Russell, Farbod Roosta-Khorasani, and Marcus Gallagher. Invariance of Weight Distributions in Rectified MLPs. In International Conference on Machine Learning, pp. 5002-5011, 2018.

  • Talks and Presentations

  • Talk at International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML)

    Stockholm, Sweden, 2018

  • Poster at Geometry in Machine Learning Workshop (GiMLi)

    Stockholm, Sweden, 2018